during 2021 we change

our name to selfmade®

Our big secret is out with our new idea book and Spring collection: We are changing our name from STOFF & STIL to Selfmade. But rest assured, it's still us! The transformation will take place over the course of the year in our shops and online - a journey we're excited to embark on together.

This transformation is a natural part of an ambition to expand internationally and create unique opportunities for DIY loving people and future designers. ​​​​​​​

From Peters Resthal to STOF & STIL to Selfmade

Originally starting out as Peters Resthal, it changed to STOFF & STIL in the 1990s with the aspiration to go from being a local Herning shop to become a Scandinavian chain. The past 40 years have seen STOFF & STIL expand and develop into 29 shops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany plus a web shop catering to 13 European markets. Now aspiring to become even more international and expand to the rest of Europe, the leap is made to become Selfmade during 2021. ‘Last year saw the opening of our Selfmade shop in Berlin, and this year we follow up with our very first Austrian shop in Vienna. Through the course of the coming year our customers will experience the new concept integrated into all our shops and our web shop, places where we still call ourselves STOFF & STIL. It will grow on everything from product sourcing, quality control and love for design and sewing’ explains CEO of Selfmade, Alexander Lerche.

Empower Creative Self-Expression

Selfmade is so much more than merely going more global. It is a playground where inspiration, creativity and art can be joined. The new Creative Spaces in the shops will be equipped with sewing machines available to DIY loving customers, a wide variety of creative workshops to join and inspirational fashion shows, exhibitions, books etc. ‘Selfmade’ is our quest to create unique opportunities for all curious DIY people and current and future fashion designers wishing to make projects of their own. We see a strong interest from the young generation, longing for an alternative to the world we live in, a world primarily based on finished goods. Selfmade will have a strong focus on learning the skills of design development and sewing craftmanship – in our shops and via our different online inspirational platforms. We call this Empower Creative Self-Expression and we’ve made it our mission to empower people’s abilities to express themselves in a creative way’, says Alexander Lerche.

Focus on sustainability

Making your own projects and products should not be at the cost of the environment. Alexander Lerche explains why being a DIY advocate is a natural part of a sustainable lifestyle. ‘We see a big interest in a better maintenance of products, either by repairing or re-designing them, and a raising remand for long lasting products. Organic production and choice of materials we sell is a top priority for Selfmade. Transforming a 40 year old supply chain into becoming fully sustainable is an enormous task, but our aim is to do this before 2030. This past year STOFF & STIL/ Selfmade has sold more than 260.000 meters of sustainably produced textiles.

About STOFF & STIL/ Selfmade

Marianne and Peter Lerche opened their first Peters Resthal shop in Herning in 1980, where the couple sold fabric remnants from local textile companies. The company later changed its name to STOF & STIL and now to Selfmade, selling fabrics, sewing patterns, sewing accessories and haberdashery etc via the company web shop and 29 shops. Selfmade is a further development made by the children Rikke, Michael and Alexander Lerche – a place focused on design, inspiration and creative endeavors for everyone.