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The beginning of a new season calls for a new idea book! In this new, interactive catalogue, we proudly present our Autumn 2021 collection, filled to the brim with fabulous fabrics, refreshing editorials, and splendid ideas. Enough to fill your autumn with creativity!

Check out our range of cotton canvas, linen, jersey, velour, and more, in our AW21 catalogue. Find inspiration for your next project among our 300+ sewing, knitting, and crocheting patterns.


Autumn 2021 fashion reflects four major trends that celebrate traditional craftsmanship, naturalness, and eye-catching personal details. This season embraces a natural, non-colour look as well as a vibrant play of colours with optical illusions. Here, at Stoff & Stil, we aim to inspire you with wonderful ideas for an autumn filled with creativity!

Can we tell you something?

You might or might not have heard the news, but we're currently working on a brand-new concept. Stoff & Still will change names over the course of 2021 into Selfmade®.  Naturally, we won't finish a transformation of this scale overnight. Therefore, you might stumble upon our old name here and there while you encounter Selfmade® in other places.

But rest assured, we have kept all the best from Stoff & Still— we merely expanded the concept with amazing workshops, guides, inspiration, and much, much more!

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