Shower curtains

We stock a wide range of shower curtains, both plain and printed. Give your bathroom a quick and easy makeover with one of the many designs.         

Click here to find zinc ribbon. Zinc Ribbon can be used to give weight to the bottom of your shower curtain to make it hang nicely.

Shower curtains
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Wide selection of shower curtains

If your shower stall or bathtub does not have doors, it's a very good idea to get a shower curtain. With a good shower curtain, you can avoid soaking your entire bathroom during your shower if the water sprays in all directions when you're standing under the shower head.

At STOFF & STIL, we offer a wide selection of shower curtains in many different colours, patterns and designs, so you can always find the shower curtain that best matches your bathroom and your personal taste. All of our shower curtains are fabric, so you can get shower curtains in exactly the size you need. This allows you to easily create continuous and consistent décor in all bathrooms in your home if you have multiple bathrooms and need more than one shower curtain.

Shower curtains in a variety of colours and patterns

At STOFF & STIL we have shower curtains in a variety of colours and patterns that add decorative detail to your bathroom. You always decide how many metres of fabric you need. At STOFF & STIL we have shower curtains with widths of 140 and 185 cm, so you can always be sure of ordering a shower curtain that fits your bathroom, no matter how large your shower or bathtub is.

When you purchase a shower curtain at STOFF & STIL, you can be certain of getting a shower curtain that is water resistant. That's because the fabric for all of our shower curtains is made of one hundred percent polyester. You can wash our shower curtains in your washing machine for easy cleaning.

So take a look at our selection of shower curtains and order the one that best matches your home.