The classic, lightweight and durable "seersucker" fabric in 100% cotton. Suitable for tops, shirts, dresses, bed linen, bias tape, patchwork and much more.

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Seersucker fabric

Seersucker fabric has a characteristic puckered surface. It is usually striped or checked. The threads in seersucker fabric are woven using a special technique to create the characteristic crinkled effect. As the fabric is light and airy, seersucker is often used to make summer clothes and bedlinen,  although you can in fact use seersucker to make all kinds of things.  

Before you start using seersucker

Before you start your sewing project, we recommend that you wash your fabric to allow it to shrink and to eliminate surplus dye. It is only after the first wash that the seersucker structure comes to the fore. Seersucker may shrink up to 10 % in the wash. This means that it is important that you wash the fabric before use.

Make seersucker bedlinen

We recommend that you use seersucker to make bed linen for babies as it is incredibly soft. The undulating texture means that the fabric does not cling to the body and therefore facilitates good heat regulation. Baby has an extremely soft set of bed linen and maintains a comfortable body temperature while he or she sleeps. You can also make lovely bedding for yourself.

Make fine ties using our cotton ribbon. Alternatively you can use snap fasteners or buttons on your bedding. If you want more help to keep the duvet in place, you can insert a zipper.  

All dressed up in seersucker

Because seersucker regulates body heat so well, it is an ideal fabric to use when you make clothes for babies and children, e.g. cute dresses with bloomers in a classic check or floral print.

You can also sew pretty blouses in different lengths to style with jeans or leggings. You could also make a pair of billowing summer trousers with a matching summer top to wear on hot summer days. Clothes made in seersucker are an eminently good choice, especially when travelling. Seersucker takes up little space in your suitcase, it is comfortable to wear, and it is supposed to be crinkled when you wear it.  

Other seersucker projects

Because seersucker is so soft and comfortable, you can also use it as snuggly blanket for baby. If you have remnants of seersucker, cut them into small cloths you can use in the kitchen.

You can make small handtowels as a pretty detail in your guest bathroom. To prevent your cloths from fraying, overlock or zigzag the edges. They last so much longer. You can also use seersucker to make cute soft toys.