Denim in different qualities (oz = ounce) and shades. Our range spans from the lightweight denim fabrics (low ounce), which are particularly suitable for clothing, to the heavy denim fabrics (high ounce), which are also suitable for the home and interiors.  Please note that denim should always be washed before use to avoid rub-off.

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Denim is a classic, a true evergreen. When you hear the word denim, you likely see the iconic blue denim in your mind’s eye. At STOFF & STIL we offer denim fabrics in four colours: white, dark, sand and grey.

We recommend that you wash your denim fabric before starting your sewing project to allow for shrinkage and surplus dye. Denim fabric often shrinks in the wash. Denim is washable at 40°C.

Denim fabric density is expressed in ounces (oz). 1 oz is about 28 grammes. The ounce rating indicates the weight of the denim fabric. The lower the ounce rating, the less the fabric weighs. Lightweight denim is softer and more flexible than heavy duty denim.  

Dress in denim

Denim is the iconic jeans fabric. You can wear denim jeans on any occasion. High or low-waisted. With or without stretch. With wide or narrow trouser legs. Even with or without holes in the knees and elsewhere. There are almost endless variations of the popular denim jean but did you know that you can also wear denim in tons of other ways?

Make cute shorts and skirts to team with T-shirts and sweaters. You can make beautiful denim skirts for yourself and, if you want to experiment a little, you can add iron-on or sew-on patches or a zipper. For a smarter look, try making yourself a tunic.

Denim is easy to mix with other fabrics, including jersey and woven cotton. You can make fabulous combinations. Gather all your denim remnants, cut them into strips and sew them together to make a patchwork kimono or shirt. Or you can make a bag of braided strips to put the finishing touch to your outfit. Treat someone you care about to a classic denim shirt or a pair of comfy denim shorts.

Create amazing projects with denim fabric

Make a shopper to carry your shopping and take with you when you are out and about. You can fold it up and store it inside another bag until you need to use it as a shopping bag. If you are not too keen on a uni-colour shopper, you can mix and match denim remnants to make beautiful patchwork or you can decorate your shopper with iron-on and sew-on patches with fine motifs or statements.

You can also weave a bag of denim strips, and use webbing to make fine straps and handles. If you prefer to close your bag, you can use our snap fasteners or zippers. Of course, you can also use our magnetic buttons, which are invisible as they are attached to the wrong side of the fabric.

You can make cute soft toy animals in denim that are durable and fun to play with. Try making soft toys as gifts for a new baby or someone you hold dear. Denim is also suitable for use in a baby nest or sleeping bag that is easy to carry when you and baby are out and about.

Sew denim cushions and pouffes for your home. Square, round or rectangular. And if you have remnants of other fabrics, you can mix and match them with your denim to create amazing patterns. A cushion adds style to your sofa or favourite armchair. You could also cover a mattress with denim fabric for your child’s playroom. A denim cover not only looks good, it is also durable and washable.